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Pets are people too!

As an animal lover, it is my pleasure to photograph pets!  Seriously.  I love to photograph animals! 

They are only with us for a short while, but they leave paw prints all over our hearts!  While everything is going well, people don't want to think about the day when they will have to say goodbye.  Its in that moment that you have all the regrets.  Lets scratch one of those regrets off your list! 

Feel free to include your pet in a family session or even a head shot session, but if you want to get some pictures of just your pet, this is how we will do it:   

First of all, my son(25 years old), has had 2 years of veterinary assisting school.  He is excellent with animals and has the ability to get them to focus and pose.  I will ask him to assist me for your session.  

Next, I suggest a short(10-15 min) meet and greet.  Let your pet sniff us and play with us.  That way when it comes time for their session, they are more relaxed around us.  

We will need treats and I suggest lunch meat or hot dogs, cut into small treat sized pieces.  My son will use this to get your pets attention.  For pets who do not eat meat, we will need their favorite treat.   We will come with squeakers.  

Once we have selected a backdrop/setting, we will have a relaxed session.  We will let things progress naturally.  Ideally, I will get some posed shots, as well as in action/candid shots.  

Heirloom/Fine Art Portraits

Sometimes called Editorial portraits. 

These are portraits that are highly Stylized. Wardrobe, hair & makeup, props and posing are meticulously planed. This type of portrait is timeless. Something you might expect to see hanging in a museum or on a full page spread in a magazine. The editing style is artistic & dreamy. This type of session is always done in a Commercial Studio. Delivery time for the Gallery is 30 days. 

*Model release vs. Private Sessions

Every client is asked to sign a model release. I will need one on every living being that is photographed. Including pets! Pets are legally considered property, so I will need a property release for each animal.   I can not put your images online with out it. Your gallery is delivered via internet. I also use the images in my portfolio and for marketing new business. 

If you do not want your images used online, you will not need to sign a model/property release, however, I do charge a $25 fee per session for this exclusivity. You will still receive a Gallery by email, however, you will need to set up a password to be able to view it. Who you share the gallery with will be up to you. Your images will not be shared online or in my portfolio. 

* Delivery of your Images

As stated in our photography agreement, I have 15 days to deliver your Fully edited and complete online Gallery to your email address. 

However, I am as excited about your images as you are! Don't be surprised to receive your images ahead of schedule!  Prints, merchandise and gifts ordered through the online gallery are processed and shipped directly from my photo-lab. Delivery time will be based on their schedule. 

* Printing advice

I have set up my pricing to be comparable to that of the local Big Box stores. What you need to know is this: I can only guarantee photo quality if the prints are coming from my photo-lab. My computer has been specifically calibrated to match my lab. Color, clarity and crop can and almost always is different when prints are made elsewhere. 

I have set up my store so that a print will cost you HALF of what an additional high resolution download will. I WANT you to order from me. I want you to get the BEST product possible. Happy customers make return clients and great references! 

Out of town friends and family will also have access to your gallery and the ability to order their own merchandise, and have it shipped directly to their home.

It is FREE to share your images on social media! Just go to my business pages and share from there! 

If there is something specific that you can not find in my shop, please let me know. I have the ability to order from other vendors at special business owner prices. 

I have done my best to set up my business to be as user friendly as possible! 


All images captured by me will have a faint watermark in the lower right hand corner. Any images put online MUST have my watermark. **Upon request, I will send images without a watermark for PRINT only. It is copyright infringement to alter my images in ANY way, including crop, color filters and removing the watermark. 


Mini sessions: 


1 animal subject 

30 minute Session

FREE High resolution JPEG Downloads with Print release

Advanced session: 


up to 3 animal subjects 

Up to a one hour Session

FREE High resolution JPEG Downloads with Print release

Full Session:


Up to 8 animal subjects 

up to a 90 minute session 

FREE High resolution JPEG Downloads With Print Release 

Heirloom/Fine Art Portraits

STARTS at $500 per animal 

two hour session

includes Commercial Studio rental

Client is responsible for wardrobe/Groming

Unlimited High Resolution JPEG downloads

Commercial studio rental: 

Additional $50

*Magnolia Plantation 

(This is the plantations Fee)

Additional $150 per session

*Boone Hall Plantation

(This is the plantations fee per year)

*Additional $500 (yearly) 

* The cost can be divided among multiple clients

*Sullivan's Island


$1400 fine

*Angel Oak Tree


Each Additional animal subject: 


Prints, Merchandise, gifts:

available for purchase through your online gallery. 

Sample price: 8x10 = $12.90 

Private session fee:

$25 per session


$5 off your next session for a positive Facebook review

$5 off your next session for a Positive Yelp! Review

$5 off your next session for a Positive Google Review

Word of mouth referrals: 

Get $20 off your next session when a friend/family member completes a separate photography session at full price and gives YOUR NAME as a reference. (limit two word of mouth discounts per session).