Frequently asked Questions


Where do we take pictures?

  • In your home/Vacation rental
  • Pixel Studios in West Ashley
  • The White Room in Mt.Pleasant
  • The Charleston County Library (Wando branch)
  • My intimate home based studio in Mt.Pleasant
  • Isle of Palms Beach
  • Public Parks/Public areas in Mt.Pleasant
  • Public Parks/Public areas in downtown Charleston
  • Public Parks/Public areas in your location(out of town clients)
  • Charlestown Landing
  • Boone Hall Plantation*
  • Magnolia Plantation*
  • The Charles Pickney House
  • Private businesses (with a property release)*

Vaccinations & Training

  • I am current on all required vaccinations: PPD, MMR, Tdap, Polio, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, Whooping Cough, Varicella, Pnemonia and Flu. 
  • I am up to date on FBI and SLED background checks. 
  • I am CPR & First Aide/AED certified. 
  • I am trained in Blood borne pathogen through OSHA 
  • I am Trained in development of Infants/toddlers and children, as well as individuals with Special needs. 
  • I am trained in the safe posing techniques of infants and toddlers. 

What should I wear?

This is what we discus during your in home consultation.  

  • I will evaluate your personal coloring (hair, eyes and skin tone) and give you a suggested color palette to flatter your unique features .  
  • I will advise you on what patterns and clothing styles will be most flattering to your body shape. 
  • I will (color & style) coordinate every person being photographed.
  • I will examine the decor of your home and advise a color palette and aesthetic for your session. This is so I can customize your portrait to seamlessly fit into your style & decor.  
  • I will take measurements of every person utilizing my specialized wardrobe. 

When will I see my images?

  • You will see unedited previews during your session. 
  • Your in home reveal will be 15-30 days after your session. 
  • For out of town clients, in home consultations & reveals may be done using face-time or Skype. 

How many images will I receive?

  • There is no way to predict how our session will go.  The number of deliverable images will always be dependent upon the willingness of the child/subject.   If your child is having a bad day, we will end the session early and reschedule.  
  • Studio sessions always yield more images than outdoor sessions due to being a controlled environment. 
  • Downloadable internet sized (low resolution) JPEG files are included with every product order. 
  • High resolution downloadable JPEG files, with a print release, are available for purchase during your in home reveal.   

Do you do retouching?

  Yes. I use adobe programs for most of my editing work. On occasion I will utilize other programs or outsource for a specialized finish. 

  •  If there is a scar or tattoo that you DO or DO NOT want digitally removed, please make me aware of this during your in home consultation. 
  •  I do not perform digital plastic surgery. I can not make you shorter, taller, thicker or thinner. If you have a concern about how you look, please make me aware of this during your in home consultation
  • I have the ability to apply make up and other skin retouching elements to your portrait. 
  • If you have an editing preference (light & airy or bold & saturated), please make me aware of this during your in home consultation. 

License and Insurance

I am licensed to do business in the following areas: 

  • Mt.Pleasant
  • Charleston
  • Isle of Palms
  • Seabrook Island

* If I do not have a license for your location, I will apply for one.  

I am insured through: The Professional Photographers Association of America AND Hiscox Insurance Company for a one Million dollar liability policy.

Is it OK for me to alter the images?

  No. This is copyright infringement.  

  • All of my work is registered and protected by copyright.  All images taken with my camera(s) are my property indefinitely.
  • Please do not crop, add filters, remove my watermark or make any adjustments to any image that I have created.    
  • Please contact me for written limited permissions (a release) to print or publish my work in print or online media.*  

Do you ever photograph adults, families, weddings or events?

Yes.  When my schedule allows.   Please contact me to discus pricing and availability.  Cell Phone: 843-789-0812

 I welcome the opportunity to photograph: 

  • Adults (including Portraits, Head-shots, surprise proposals, engagements, & Maternity)
  • Families 
  • Journalistic coverage of: Birthday Parties, Bridal / Baby showers,  Bar mitzvah and Bat mitzvah, quinceanera, corporate events/parties. 
  • Weddings and elopements 

items marked with an ASTERISK (*)

Denotes topics that are subject to terms, conditions and additional charges when applicable.