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Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, United States

(843) 789-0812

Frequently asked Questions


Where do we take pictures?


*For newborns and infants, I have a studio in my home. We can do a few mommy/daddy/sibling and me pictures in my home as well. I have a small outdoor space with a pond and a community playground that we can use as well. 

* For High School Seniors and adults/families wanting indoor headshots and portraits, I utilize Pixel Studio in West Ashley. 

*We can use your residence. 

*Outdoor sessions: I am licensed in Mount Pleasant, Isle Of Palms, Seabrook Island and Charleston. We can use any public space, just know that some locations require a permit. Private venues such as Boone Hall Plantation, Magnolia plantation and other historical sites also charge a daily rate for commercial(paid) photography. Each location has a different set price. This cost will be in addition to my session fee. 

What is included in the session fee?


The session fee pays for my time to capture your images. It also pays for my time to edit, order and deliver your images. The session fee covers the cost of props, and the maintenance of equipment and gear. The session fee helps to pay for my business licenses, business insurance and continuing education. It covers the cost of my web sites and galleries. 

Being a reputable and responsible business is expensive. I appreciate your support and value you as a customer. Thank you for supporting my small business! 


When do I get my pictures?


I tell people to expect their images with in 15 days. Events and Weddings that produce hundreds of pictures can take up to 6 weeks. I will send you a link to your gallery where you can download watermarked JPEGS and purchase prints and novelty gifts. If you have not received your gallery link with in an appropriate amount of time, please contact me to verify your contact information: 

Cell Phone: 843-789-0812. 


Do you do retouching?


Yes. I use adobe Lightroom for most of my editing work. On occasion I will utilize other programs. 

* If there is a scar or tattoo that you DO or DO NOT want digitally removed, please make me aware of this during your photoshoot. 

* I do not perform digital plastic surgery. I can not make you shorter, taller, thicker or thinner. If you have a concern about how you look, please make me aware of this during your photoshoot. 

*I can apply make up and other skin retouching elements to your portrait, but only upon request. 

* If you have an editing preference (light & airy or bold & saturated), please make me aware of this during your photoshoot. 

Is it OK for me to alter the images?


No. This is copyright infringement. Please do not crop, add filters, remove my watermark or make any adjustments to any image that I provide to you. All images taken with my camera(s) are my property indefinitely. Please contact me for written permission (a release) to print or publish my work in print or online media. Just like you want to look as good as you can in your pictures, I want my work to be displayed and referenced as well as it can be to accurately reflect my work as an artist. 


What should I wear?


* Please do not wear stripes, checks, or tight patterns. It causes a moiré affect that is almost impossible to edit away. 

* Please do not wear neon colors. The color will reflect onto the skin, teeth and whites of your eyes. 

*Do wear pretty shoes. If they are not comfortable, bring some walking shoes that you can easily change into. 

*Infants should arrive at the studio in something easily removed so that we do not wake them up while undressing them. a swaddling sack and a diaper are perfect. 

*Families/Groups should be cognizant of their attire. Make sure the colors and patterns look good when placed side by side. It does not need to match.