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Who am I?

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Hello!  My name is Tonya Brisson.  I am a Charleston born, Mount Pleasant raised local.  Like most people, I have worn many hats in my lifetime: wife, mother, caregiver, artist and more.  I am a hopeless romantic who will fawn over babies, animals and all things adorable!  My favorite color changes about every 3 years (I don't know why), my favorite music is pop music, I love learning about history and I'm terrified of snakes and alligators.  Over all I consider myself to be an average everyday lady who enjoys meeting new people and learning new things. 

Empathy is my favorite emotion, and this is why I love photography.  To be an amazing photographer, one must be empathic!   You have to be able to pick up on vibes and know when to have the camera ready.  You have to be able to sense when someone is feeling uncomfortable and offer reassurance and crack a joke to relax them.  

With weddings, I get to share the emotions of the day.  I am reminded of my wedding and my children (who are now adults) and I can empathize with it all.  I love capturing that emotion on camera. The tears of joy, the look of admiration.  It is pure and unscripted. This is what needs to be documented the most.  The feelings, the love and the people who matter the  most to us.  This is what you want to remember for the rest of your life. 

 With infants and children, everything is exciting and new.  I am reminded of my own children and how they grew up in a blink of an eye.  I know that even that pouting bottom lip, and all of the goofy looks made at the camera are precious.  In 10 years you will look back and laugh and say "yup, that was my child!".  Those are the little moments that will be missed once they are grown.  

I love surprise engagements! The nervous energy of the one asking and the pure shock and excitement of the one being asked.  It reminds me of new beginnings and fresh starts.  The fear, the anticipation, the feeling of forever, and the feeling of being in love.  Proposals are an explosion of every emotion possible and I enjoy being there experiencing it all alongside of you! 

I consider myself to be an emotional photographer.  Not only do I want a pretty picture that everyone wants to hang on the wall, but I also want to create a picture that brings you back to a specific moment in time emotionally.  

  I am also a little bit selfish. By being in the moment with you, and I am able to bring back all of the emotions and memories from my personal Magic Moments.  Thank you for sharing the most important moments of your life with me.  I am truly honored.  

Why you should hire me


As a consumer, your buying decision is not an easy one.  There are plenty of licensed photographers to choose from in Charleston, so why me? 

If you have looked at my pictures, and you like my style, you should hire me.  

If you have read the "Who am I" column, then you know that the pictures that I deliver will be more than just a posed picture of everyone smiling at the camera.  I am going to be your personal paparazzi.  I am going to capture not only the posed pictures, but the unscripted candid pictures as well! If you want posed pictures and candid's with emotion and feeling, then you should hire me. 

I study posing techniques and posing styles.  Everyone has something about their body that they either want to high light or hide.  I will pose you in the most flattering position with the mot flattering light.  I want you to love your pictures.  If you are worried about looking your best, you should hire me. 

If you are a mom who is worried that your kids are too rambunctious and will make weird faces at the camera, you should hire me.  Not only am I a mother, I am also a licensed nanny.  I know how to get your kids to smile and look at the camera, and I bring assistants to help keep everyone on point.  Relax mom!  Together we will make memories that you will cherish forever. 

Do you like supporting small local business?  Then you should hire me!  I am the only photographer for this business.  My assistants are my family members.  Earning your trust and your business is personal to us.  My husband works as a stage hand, loading and unloading gear and operating the tech gadgets.   When needed, my daughter (now 21) will assist with infants and children.  She is also very good with hair and makeup!  My son (now 25) went to school for Vet Assisting.  He is excellent with dogs.  He knows how to get your dog to sit and look right into my camera.  When you hire me, you are putting food on my table and helping my business prosper.  Thank you! 

If you are someone who values your families money as well as their memories, you should hire me. Are you worried about pricing?  Don't be.  I understand the day to day struggle just to keep food on the table.  Everyone deserves to have great pictures. 

  If you are someone who doesn't want to sacrifice quality just to get pictures that you can afford, you should hire me. I offer payment plans and layaway options so that you don't have to do without or sacrifice a thing. Everyone knows that you always get what you pay for.  If Uncle Bob is covering your wedding or you found an unusually cheap "photographer" online, then you will likely receive snapshots (not pictures)  of similar value.   

Would you benefit from a hassle- free way to pay? Then you should hire me.  

 I accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal, Apple Pay, Google pay, Cash, or money order.  I may even consider a barter!