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Hello!  My name is Tonya Brisson!  If a picture tells a thousand words, then this one should tell you who I am!  

I'm a mom of 2 amazing adult children, who likes to have fun and document life through pictures! 

I've been happily married for over 26 years.  I'm a huge animal lover, I adore babies & children, and photography is my passion!

I've been doing Portraits (people pictures) professionally for 2 years now.  Before that, I did landscapes and fine art photography.  

If you like my work, I would love to be your photographer! 

Lighting Assistant


This is my husband, Heath.  He works for The Town of Mount Pleasant. He is an Army Veteran (Combat Medic), and is a big goof ball! This picture says it all! 

Heath assists me on most of my sessions.  He lugs the heavy equipment around, holds the flash and helps my subjects feel at ease with his witty humor(dad jokes!).   

I keep my cost of doing business low by educating and employing my family.  This is a value that gets passed directly to my clients! 

Behind the scenes team


These are our adult children.  

Sydney is 21, and loves make up!  She helps to stylize some of our modeling sessions and stands in as assistant when her dad is at work.  She is also very talented with post processing and helps with our more artistic projects! 

Austin is 25.  He also works for The Town of Mount Pleasant.  When Heath and Sydney are tied up, Austin will act as assistant. 

Austins specialty is PETS! He studied Veterinary Assisting in school.  He has the magical ability to get pets to focus and pose! 

Reasons to hire me


There is a joke in Charleston: Everyone is either a photographer or a Realtor! 

So how do you tell a pro from a hobbyist?  A pro invests in themselves and their business! 

1) I use off camera flash.  Natural light is great and works in some situations, however, it never works indoors or in the shade! Even in harsh sunlight, flash is needed to fill in the shadows around the eyes.  

2) I'm  Licensed! This may not seem like a big deal, but it is!  I pay taxes on my business which gives back to our community.  Being licensed keeps me accountable! There are 2 well known "photographers" in Charleston who have been all over the news for taking peoples money and not delivering the images!  Don't be another victim of scam! Make sure you are doing business with reputable business owners! 

3) I'm insured!  I'm invested in my business.  I pay to insure not only my equipment, but also my reputation! Many wedding/Event venues require photographers to be insured.  Make sure you verify any requirements ahead of time! 

4) I am vaccinated and trained in the care and handling of infants, special needs individuals and pets.   Why do I mention this?  Whopping cough and other preventable illness have no place near a newborn baby! No matter your beliefs/parenting style, you can rest assured knowing that one of the first strangers to be close to your baby will be a healthy one!  Also, Newborns are fragile! There are right and wrong ways to perform poses on newborns.  I am trained in the safe posing of newborns! 

My nieces and nephews have Fragile X Syndrome.  I have taken extra classes to understand development and care for people with special needs. 

 I have been a volunteer at animal shelters my entire life.  I've taken classes on how to handle pets.  

These are skills and benefits that will make your session so much easier! 

My Gear


The camera doesn't make a great picture, its the person using it that does!  This doesn't mean you can skimp on quality! 

I am proud to say that I shoot only with Canon. Canon is known for their amazing color rendering and high quality glass.  

I use high quality equipment and the best editing software available.  My computers/Tablets are routinely calibrated to match my photo labs.  

Camera Bodies: 

*Canon Full Frame Mirror less ( This means its silent! It also has Bluetooth and WiFi Back up, perfect for weddings).


*Canon  DSLR (also has Bluetooth and WiFi backup)


*Canon 70-200 (Pro Series glass)

*Canon 24-70 (Pro series glass)

*Canon 50

*Canon 85


Battery Powered Mono-light 

 Strobe lights

Continuous Lighting 

Natural Light


Editing Programs 

Photoshop CC

Lightroom CC

Portrait Pro 18

Landscape Pro 18

Portrait Pro Body 18

Smart Photo Studio 18


Gallery Program & E-Shop 

White House Custom Color

Bay Photo



Local Laws


Another way to spot a pro from a hobbyist is to ask them to explain the laws surrounding photography! 

1) Anything visible from public property is permitted to be photographed.  HOWEVER, the USE of that photograph is not unlimited!   Example: You cant do a photo shoot in Target without the written permission  (Property Release) from the company,  Even if its only for your Holiday card! 

2) Sullivan's island does NOT allow professional photography on the beach AT ALL!  When caught (in person or on-line) the fine is $1400.  

3) Angel oak Tree does NOT allow professional Photography at all.  Angel Oak sits on private property.  Any photo made for sale on that property must acquire a permit ahead of time and a property release.  Including your Holiday card! 

4) Boone Hall Plantation is private property.  They charge $500 a year for a photographers pass.  I'm willing to get the pass if you can find 5 or more  people to join in a mini session to help me pay the fee.  

5) Magnolia plantation is private property and requires a $150 fee for every photo shoot done on their land.  

6) Every photographer in SC must obtain a SC retail license AND a business license for EVERY township they take a picture in.  Licenses must be displayed inside of the business as well as on the vehicle used for business.  Photographers must have a copy of their licenses with them in their bags as well.   Licenses are renewed yearly.  

I am currently licensed in Mount Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Charleston and Seabrook Island.  I purchase licenses as I need them. If I don't have one for your desired location, I will apply for one.  

7) Every person photographed must sign a model release if the pictures are to be put on the internet or used in a portfolio or marketing campaign.