What makes me unique

My focus is to produce amazing results customized to the needs and aesthetics of my clients. 

Exceptional personal service is the foundation of my business. 

I invest more energy and skill  into my sessions than a basic photographer does. Results and service are my driving force, not a shutter count or a time clock. 

I employ extra care and creativity to the development & presentation of my finished work than a basic photographer does.  




  •  I earned a Degree in Interior Design from Antonelli College. 
  • I was the lead Interior Designer for La-Z-Boy furniture galleries in Cincinnati.  
  • I was a set decorator for ABC/Disney studios in 2012.
  • I was a Girl Scout leader for over 15 years (Daisy-Cadette). 
  • I am listed as one of Charlestons best Photographers with Hulafrog. 
  • My photography has been published in Voyage Atl. Magazine.
  • My photography has been published in Mount Pleasant Magazine. 
  • My photography has been published in Mount Pleasant Pets Magazine.
  • My photography has been published in Lowcountry Cuisine Magazine.  
  • My Photography has been displayed at the Coastal Carolina Fair. 
  • My Photography has been displayed and used by local tour company: Charleston in a Nutshell. 
  • I am the photographer for Charleston Wonderlands yearly New Years Eve Celebration. 
  • I am the official Photographer for Miss. Summerville 2020. 

Lets make it personal!

This is me!


Hi! My name is Tonya.  I was born in Charleston and raised in Mt.Pleasant.  I graduated from Wando High School, got Married at Christ Our King Catholic church and had my first child at East Cooper AMI Hospital.  I am as home grown as they come!   

I fell in love with my middle school crush and married him as soon as we graduated high school.  We have been together ever since! 

Like most people, I had a hard time discovering who I was and what I wanted to become.   My lifes ambition was simply to be a wife and mother(because thats what my mother did!).  Unfortunately, those jobs didn't pay the mortgage! 

 I started babysitting from my home.  I became state and USDA certified, and attended several classes on child development.   When my kids outgrew the need for childcare, I signed up for College.  I became an interior designer and learned many of the skills that I use daily in photography: Scale, color theory, how to mix patterns, how to decorate and create a scene, Photoshop and much more! 

My photographic career started when HGTV started the trend of designers taking pictures to create one of a kind artwork for their clients walls!  I started with abstract art and landscapes.  I became addicted to the creative power of making art and freezing a moment in time! I read books, watched videos, attended classes and mentored with experienced photographers to get to where I am today.  

Today I am a Professional Canon  Photographer.  I use a professional mirror-less camera, A DSLR camera,  professional grade lenses and off camera flash in addition to natural light.  I started my business in 2015.  I decided to specialize in Children's portraiture because I'm really good at it! I have worked with infants and children of all ages, my entire adult life.  I still nanny when needed!  I love kids and know how to earn their trust.  

My photography business is my full time career.  My current 5 year plan includes securing commercial property and opening my own brick & mortar Photography studio.  

This is my family!


This is my little family!  They are my foundation and inspiration in all things. 

My husbands name is Heath.  He is a combat Veteran who served as a Medic in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  He now works in management for the town of Mt.Pleasant.   He acts as my assistant and lighting professional. 

My son's name is Austin.  He also works for the town of Mt.Pleasant, in the parks and recreation division.  Austin is my oldest.  He has a heart of gold and is excellent with babies and pets.  Austin moved out and got a place of his own last year.  Im very proud of him.  You may see him from time to time, filling in for his dad as assistant.  

My daughter's name is Sydney. She graduated from Wando High School in 2017.   She works in retail and is still trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life.   Sydney has a learning disability called dyscalcilia.  She excels in every subject except for math.  She struggled all through school, but still graduated on time and has learned how to "adult" in a world that isn't always so understanding.  I am so proud of her and admire her tenacity.  

I can tell you that having adult children is great!  I do however, miss the magic and excitement of having babies and children in the home.  Holidays are not nearly as fun when children are not in the picture.  I keep asking my son when he will find a wife and make me some grand-babies!  My daughter is still young but I hope the same for her....in a few years! 

Until such time, I am a (wanna-be) grandma up for adoption!

These are my fur babies!


 To know who I am, you need to know that I am a lover of all animals. 

The big white pooch is a Standard Poodle.  Her name is MiMi.  She was born on the 4th of July! Ironically she hates smoke detectors and fireworks.  I sacrifice my hair appointments to pay for her monthly grooming appointments!  She is more pampered than I am! Im envious! 

The little dog on the right is Snoopy.  He wandered up in our yard  over 9 years ago, fully grown!  We never found his owners so we kept him to prevent him from ending up in the underground dog fighting circles or at a kill shelter.  We are not sure what breed(s) he is.  I can say that I have bought my ticket into Heaven with this guy!  Not only did I save his life, but I have weathered through his personality quirks and still love him!   If this isn't proof of my level of patience and forgiveness, I dont know what is! 

I've always believed that you can tell the true character of a human by the way they treat animals.  In my eyes, they are all children, just extra hairy and speak a different language!